Gamebreaking Glitch In Coastal Highway

Recently I’ve started playing ODST again after the most recent update, and I’m now coming across a glitch that prevents me from completing the last level in the game, Coastal Highway.

For some reason, after the whole drive and I get out to kill the Grunts at Last Exit, when Dare and the Engineer get out to meet us in the visitor’s center, something happens off-screen(I’m guessing a spawn issue?) and the Engineer dies instantly. Because of that, the checkpoint is stuck and you can’t finish the game.

This is a big problem, especially for those who are trying for LASO. Hopefully someone will see this and work on it!

Best submit a ticket:

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Happened to me as well, and was only able to fix it by flying back over to where they spawn since I was using Acrophobia, but I had just assumed I had broken it WITH Acrophobia.

Thank you! I checked the support area but didn’t notice that option; went ahead and did that now.

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