Gamebattles Team Looking for Scrims


FalcoDrac here. I am a member of “Delusions of Grandeur”, and a veteran competitive Halo player. This newly formed team is in search for competitive scrimmages with other Spartan fireteams, available on Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday evenings, around 7:00 - 10:00 pm EST.

We are in search for teams of 4 that are mature, friendly, and want to scrimmage game after game for afew hours, at least once per week. We are looking to only scrimmage MLG maps and gametypes. We will NOT be recording results on any competitive website. All 4 members of the opposing team must have a microphone, and timing should be sensitive to everyone’s schedules…meaning we would prefer not to wait on people for several hours, while having to cycle through different players.

We are essentially looking for a solid sister-team to scrimmage against regularly. Please message me on Xbox Live ONLY, and we can discuss further details regarding setting up team scrimmages.


We are still in search for team scrimmages. Please message me to set one up with us!