Game won't unlock 15 items from LV ing up

I’ve been playing halo 4 for a while and currently TK 85 and after getting to certain ranks before that and now I’ve been shown the reward screen with stuff I unlocked and the same 15 items won’t show up in my inventory
It says that I’ve unlocked variations of hazop,oceanic, leg variations, emblems, other helmets and stances but they won’t show up at all. I know the armor and other stuff shows up with a gold star saying its new but it’s not even doing that and I have called Microsoft but they ended up calling me back with the answer they can’t fix it because they don’t have the tools for it.
Please can someone try to help me ?

Well you have posted in the rite place, just sit tight and wait till waypoint team responds with some answers.

thank you for noticing this I was worried that being it’s a huge forum that no one would see it.

hopefully this issues can be resolved, I got the same reward screen lastnight again o.o and was only able to get the 2nd variation of stalker and the visor everything that it said was unlocked isn’t showing still

I know it sounds pretty farfetched, but I’m probably assuming that the game says you’re unlocking content that shouldn’t be unlocked until later. My guess is these things are unlocked through the other remaining specializations that you still need to do. I’m guessing a title update may have caused this. I’d say just keep leveling up like normal and when you reach CSR 130, most things should be unlocked. The remaining armors will tell you what’s needed to unlock them, so I’d just start with working towards 130 first.

Microsoft said the same thing as far as the leveling up part, the reward screen has shown every time I’ve hit a new level and it’s getting kinda annoying.
I even tried clearing the cache and re downloading the title update (both on my own and Microsoft telling me too)

I hope your right about the rank 130 maybe that might fix it

To let know whoever commented or saw this. I would like to let you know that my boyfriend solved the problem with the armor,emblems, and stances.

He purchased me a copy of the game of the year edition for the champion bundle and game of the year codes
After redeeming them the glitching awards were unlocked and the stance that wasn’t working before.

Apparently the champion bundle had the armor in it that game was saying that I unlocked but wasn’t giving to me.
The only other problem I’m having now is in waypoint with the halo spartan assault achivement glyph not working. Has anyone else been having that problem ?

> The only other problem I’m having now is in waypoint with the halo spartan assault achievement glyph not working. Has anyone else been having that problem ?

From your Service Record, it appears you have only played the Xbox 360 version. You need to use the Flying Colors code; it is for Xbox One and 360 only. The Recruit, Prodigy, and Able Spartan codes are for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 only. You can find all Spartan Assault codes in this official post.

o.o thank you for telling me when I get the chance I’ll give it a try next time I go back on the Xbox

You can enter codes here on the web.

Glad to hear you’re all sorted RainFallKitten. :slight_smile: