Game Won't Register!

I just completed a stellar game of Warzone on Sanctum - got a crap-ton of Banshee kills including a handful of bosses. However, the post-game carnage report didn’t pop up; just an endless “Retrieving Data” and spinning loading-circle. I exited and came to this site to check, and the game isn’t in the Recent Games section! AND all those Banshee kills (as well as, like, four Enemy Marine kills and I think a Warthog Destroyed point) haven’t registered; I’m still at where I was before this game!

What’s going on? How do I get my hard-earned commendation progress and daily win pack?!

Games are 1 match behind on the site, also the Post carnage data may sometimes get locked into endless loading cycle, restarting the game fixes it.
(Yes, this is a thing everyone has to deal with, nothing we can do about it, but the website and ingame constant sync up is really messing with the game)

So… I’m eventually going to get my Commendation progress and Daily Win Pack, right?

Indeed, yes. Hiccups with syncs like this is bound to happen, and they happen a lot with Halo 5.