Game Won't Open - Untrusted file - amdihk64.dll

Waiting eagerly for the release, only to find that the game will not open and I receive the following error:

Untrusted system file (C:\Windows\System32\amdihk64.dll)

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Have found that amdihk64.dll in the AMD graphics driver is unlisted. Apparently newest version has fixed this.

I updated graphics drivers to current version, still get the same error.

Anyone managed to fix this error?

Yeah, basically Easy anti cheat checks if your software is up to date, had to update Windows because of the simmilar (normaliz.dll) problem.

i’m having the same issue and i cant find a fix

Problem still not fixed.

I had this issue and followed the instructions in the video below to resolve the issue.

I am also having this issue with amdihk64.dll not being trusted. i tried deleting it and it is run in the desktop window manager so you cant just get rid of it. also did the command prompt thing, no help. completely did a fresh clean install of my AMD video drivers for my RX580 and still no help. please help

I’m also having this issue. From researching around it seems like it’s mostly affecting people with the RX 580 graphics card. I’ve tried every suggestion out there with no success. Hopefully a fix will come soon.

Please see the pinned thread regarding Halo Support and how to submit tickets for issues you may be experiencing.

So for me when this happened, it would first pop up a microsoft store window, then the error message. The store page was open to “Halo Reach” and had an error at the top about failing to install, I retried the install on that page and it worked (110mb or something super small like that). After installing that everything launched fine.

I can confirm that today I deleted the game and reinstalled and it fixed my issue!

Can confirm.

Just re-installed and it is fixed!!

Oh that beautiful menu music.

If I have to reinstall this is gonna be awful, I’ve spend the last 5 days downloading at half of a meg.

I have the same issue here with the anti cheat, untrusting this file (c:\Windows\System32
ormaliz.dll), i hope 343 is going to do something because now i can’t play.

I reinstalled the game and it did nothing for me, same error message: Untrusted system file (C:\Windows\System32\amdihk64.dll)