Game won't open on PC

Every time I try to launch the game It just opens with a black screen with Halo in the center in windowed mode, I saw other posts but haven’t seen a fix so I was wondering if there has been a fix found yet, thanks in advance.

This is hard: there are tons of problems with hw de and hw2 on pc.

Can you be more specific ? You just see a black windowed screen ?

Have you tried disinstall and reisntall ( which is annoying, I know ) ?
Have you tried clicking the black screen ?
Have you tried starting the game from different ‘launches’? With launches I mean launches it from halo app, from your pc software installed, from the store

Does your pc satisfy requirments ? I don’t think this is the problem though.

Let us know

this is a issue for me as well. My computer covers all specs and there are other threads stating same issue with no fixes. Tried multiple downloads retries into my computer but that comes up is the first screen saying Halo Wars and then poof nothing else. No crash report, no dialog box, no reason at all.