Game won't launch

So my friend just bought the game couple days ago and he hasn’t been able to start the game. When he launches the game halo logo appears and then the game crashes. We have tried almost everything and we have not been able to get past the logo.
his pc: i7 6700k, gtx 970. Game installed on C drive which is ssd (we tried hdd but didn’t work).
Halo wars 2 demo launches and works great.

It may be something related to the installation of the game.

The resolution of pc games problems can be hard since there are a high number of factors that can be involved. I suggest you to check on the internet for some solution ( if you have not done it yet ), because I saw there are multiple threads about this type of crashing. These threads can be found here on waypoint, on microsoft answers and even on youtube.

Anyway, you could try to disinstall and reinstall the game, which can be usefull in the majority of cases.
The fact the demo works fine makes me think that it can’t be an issue related to direct x or your hardware.

Thanks for the response David.
Yeah we checked the sites and nothing seems to work. We have spent multiple hours looking for the solution on the internet. We have already reinstalled the game multiple times. We also tried different things with Microsoft store and the Xbox app. So yeah we’re kinda lost.

We reinstalled Windows and it seemed to work. Pretty weird that you have to reinstall windows in order to get a game working, but hey at least it worked.