Game wont install off of a disk

Went out and got my copy of halo 5 from gamestop today around 10:30 EST. for about the last 9 hours i have been trying to install it from the disk. It will make it to normally around 35-40 percent then the installation will stop. It gives me one of two different error codes. One says that the disk may be dirty or scratched, and the other says that what im trying to install may be corrupted. I have tried 2 different disks and both are doing the same thing. I Have contacted Game Stop, where i bought the game, and Xbox support twice. No one knows how to fix this issue. Have tried hard restarts, clearing my persistant storage, router reset, installing a different game to my hard drive, which worked without a problem, and downloading both online and offline.When downloading online, i have tried downloading the patch with it and downloading it without the patch, neither worked. When i contacted Gamestop to see if i could return it to possibly get a digital code or anything, the store manager basically said “No, everyone is having this problem and youre just gonna have to wait” but according to both xbox support reps ive talked to i’m the only one they can see having this problem. Not sure what i can do to fix it, not even xbox support knows how to fix it. Hoping someone else who has had this problem, or hopefully a 343 employee will be able to help me fix this.

bump to hopefully get some recognition

Having the same problem, did you ever figure it out?

Having the same trouble - stuck at 87% for two hours and then ‘jumped’ to 88%. Any solutions other than ‘wait for it to install’

Same issue. :confused: