Game will not connect and let me play and Halo support will not let me submit a ticket

I don’t know whats going on… I was trying to start a match with my buddies when the game kept throwing error codes… I reset the game and it still kept telling me unable to connect and other type messages so I restart the game again… now it just says offline at the top right of the menu and will not load anything or let me play at all… Seriously irritated so I pull up waypoint and read the message at the top that says “This is not where you report bugs or issues. That information should be directed towards the Halo Support site for tickets so we can pipe that information directly into our systems for review.” so I click the link and there is Nowhere to submit a ticket whatsoever…
This is so stupid I don’t even know what to do other than make this post and hope someone at 343 sees it… Other words I just can no longer play Halo… It’s whatever I guess, game is broken and they don’t actually wanna fix it the way the fans really want it anyway…
So irritated right now… Might just be done

Tanks to @Sinful_Shadow there has been a ticket submitted, Thanks Shadow.

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You can submit a support ticket here support.halowaypoint(dot)com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Obviously replace the (dot) with an actual .


Appreciate it thank you