Game Veto Preferences?


What’s the general opinion on vetoing preferences? A majority of the time I’m matchmaking, Oddball and King of the Mountain are typically vetoed down to simple Slayer. Personally, I enjoy the former two a lot more as it provides a goal to the chaos.

Just striking up some opinions.


I like CTF and will vote for it over Slayer most of time.

I would rather have no vote at all over Veto or Vote systems. It keeps things at a nice flow of random. With vote I always end up playing on Swordbase because people like to camp!!? Even awesome maps will start to become bad if you have to play on them a trillion times a day. Imagine if Halo 2 had a vote… Playing Lockout all day long? No thank you. Without the vote full teams don’t get to pick their better map. Everyone has a chance to play on everything all the time and actually get decent at each map.

Oddball. I will vote anything associated to the guns and maps i like.