Game Uninstalled itself

While trying to open MCC on PC today it somehow managed to uninstall itself.
Installed to SSD (games would not load on HDD)
Played 34 hours before this random uninstall

Just had the exact thing happen to me today. An absolute joke this is. I installed it on my GFs machine last night to play with my son today. I was testing last night to make sure it worked so we would have no problems and come straight on… co-op worked perfectly and no issues. Came on 5 minutes ago, noticed the icon to launch the game wasnt loaded, and when i clicked it said something about xbox being offline? no idea what it meant but it has literally deleted itself from my machine. The problems are continuous with this game. Took 4 years after release to actually fix the game, and now theres still problems…

I have now had this problem twice within the past week, really annoying that I have to reinstall the entire game again and again. I had the same issue where the game icon wasn’t loaded and it says something about the file being offline? No idea what that means. Looked through my apps and it was completely missing.

As this appears to be an issue with your game, we recommend heading over to for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.


Did anyone find a fix? Since December 22nd 2020 I have had to reinstall MCC 3 times on my PC. It just deletes itself! Xbox Beta App and MS store the have the ‘install’ option. This is nuts!!
(just posted same thing on another similar topic)

Have raised a ticket today but not holding out any hope it will get solved!

Do you play this on Steam or via Windows Store?

Windows Store. One of the support agents has got back to me- will send him the ‘DxDiag’ file thing and see where it goes from there