Game type-specific challenges

Now, I know someone’s might get out of luck, but I really believe there’s some “bad magic” happening behind matchmaking.
I did all my challenges in the first day, all but one: play one game of total control. I’ve really lost the count on how many BTB games I’ve played now, I’d say it’s been at least 20 straight and NO total control ever came around, not a single time. Basically, I’ve been stuck playing BTB for 3-4 hours, which is fun ofc, but you know, sometimes you’d rather play arena, and still I haven’t completed this last challenge. It isn’t even among the high tier ones, I have it since yesterday and it’s still there and I’m still here, playing CTF/stockpile on Deadlock!!

I think Total Control has lower weighting honestly. I’ve noticed I barely ever get a game of it even when I don’t have challenges to do.

Had to get 3 games of it myself and took me a pretty long time to do.

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