Game type question

What happened to king of the hill? There is commendations for KotH that are unattainable because of removing that game type. Why remove it?

Also, why not just put some game types together in a kind of grab sack? Personally I’ll rarely play regicide and grifball, I won’t play oddball or flood. But a list that mixes slayer, dominion, ctf, oddball, regicide and king of the hill would be pretty cool.

i believe it was removed around the time of the dlc to “make room for other playlists” it will be back soon enough plus it was included in the forge test playlist and another i believe. but for now…we wait.

Right on, I don’t see why playlist’s are finite so they had to remove one to make room. Doesn’t make sense to me but hey I’m not a programmer.

It’s more than likely being re-added into the Team Objective Playlist that’s coming. I’m also assuming Oddball and CTF will also be in this playlist.

Anything about Slayer Pro?

> As if Snipers wasn’t enough to get you excited for the upcoming week, we’re also proud to announce the addition of Team Objective, which will group together 4 vs. 4 Team Regicide, Oddball and <mark>King of the Hill (she’s back!)</mark>. The biggest changes you’ll see to these game types are that Complex Oddball has been removed, and instant respawn has been disabled for both KoTH and Oddball.

Source: The Halo Bulletin: 2.6.13