Game Type Idea. Progression.

Progression is a mix of Arms Race and Gun Game with new rules, changes.

The idea

With each kill and death you gain something. You don’t gain weapons from killing, you gain it from being killed, Therefor you DON’T want to die unless you want to use the nice weapons.

Kills Gain you

Powers, Speed Bosts, Abilities. Yet your weapon/vehicle stays the same. You can’t pick up other weapons or enter other vehicles (or exit yours if in one)

Deaths give you

Weapons/vehicles. Yet this is bad. If a player as “X” weapon 5 deaths down the line you know he’s not as good as the one guy whos still one weapon 1. This is why it’s still very different from such similar sounding games.

Each player as number of lives. There are two different modes that determine how the game ends.


Once one player loses all lives and dies the round ends. The player with the most lives left is the winner. Four rounds.


Two lives where it ends when only one player is left standing. Making it last a lot longer.

Death Gains

Start: Mantis
2nd- Rocket Launcher
3rd- Rail Gun/Magnum
4th- Spartan laser
5th- SAW/Pistol
6th-Binary Rifle

Kill gains

First kill- 5% damage increase
2nd- 5% Shield incrase
3rd- Instant Recharging Shields
4th-1/2 over shielf
5th-Infinite Ammo
6th-Full Over Shielf
7th-Bottomless Clip
8th-Double Damage
9th-Low Gravity/Double Speed
10th-All 9.

Of course if you die it resets!