Game Type Challenges Have Become More Of A Pain Now

So everyone knows how frustrating it can be playing a dozen games for an Oddball, Stronghold, Total Control, etc. and never seeing one? Well it may’ve gotten worse now.

It seems that being able to see what kind of match you’re about to get in the Social Menu has been “fixed” - meaning that you can’t see what you’re going to get, quit matchmaking when its not the Oddball game you want, and try again while running less of a risk of getting banned. Doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to do that anymore.

While I understand that a workaround like that probably shouldn’t be allowed…it wouldn’t seem necessary to a lot of players if there was an easier way to get the kind of matches we want without having to play hours and dozens of games to do so.

And what makes this worse is that Attrition and King of the Hill has been put in the playlist pool, at least in Quick Match. So for those looking for that Oddball Match…you got another couple game modes that you may end up with instead.

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Yea, we still either need the ability to pick specific game modes, or more generic challenges.


really all i can say here is OOF!

Would go a looonnng way.

Big OOF, especially if its a WIN an Oddball game which IS the Challenge I currently have. And, as I pointed out, we have two game modes (King of the Hill and Attrition) that are now put in the mix.

So on the one hand, “Yay, we have King of the Hill and Attrition now!”

But also, “Oh no, we have Attrition and King of the Hill now!”