Game Suggestions.

Hi i got some game suggestions that can make the game better, it is good but it can get even better.

1:I think we really need like 2 more Invasion maps we got 2 good but need more like 4-6 total.

2:Zombiemode on Matchmaking i would be more fun if the team that are Zombies look like Flood from Halo 2 and 3.

3:I think we need to blanace the slayer especily on Hemorage map beacuse Spartan really got better wepones sniper rocketlauncher, so Conventant need as good as them to make the game more balnced if possibel.

4:In the Armory make a Color system thats enabel you to make evry color you want makes the game even more flexibel in how you look.