Game suddenly feels broken this week

I’m in the UK, yet the game has felt pretty good for me over the last few months. However, this week in particular it’s felt broken.

My connection to the game feels disjointed, with everything feeling slidey. My aim also feels awful, like I’m fighting an invisible force - I call it reticle on a rubber band. There’s clearly packet loss as people sponge all sorts of fire, grenades, melee’s etc. It feels worse than ever.

I keep getting banned from matchmaking because I refuse to go through the new season initial ranking process when I’m clearly disadvantaged by the game itself, or should I say the servers. My connection is fine, in fact it is the most monitored connection in the world, trust me!

I have noticed a lot more European and UK players in the games this week. In my experience of other games that isn’t necessarily helpful as most of Europe’s broadband infrastructure is shockingly poor. If this is 343i region locking the connection, then it’s killed the game for me.

Halo 5 Guardians deleted. Back to Star Wars Battlefront!

Ps. I’ve taken a recent dashboard update, maybe as part of the preview program I’m signed up to. However, Star Wars works fine.

I have been having horrible lag spikes mid game since the most recent update but that’s it.

For me the update has been a joy, sucks that it’s not working for you.