Game still unplayable; crashing within 5 minutes of first games

Is this happening to anyone else after the update last month? I uninstalled the game for a couple weeks and just tried playing it now and it’s still happening. And STILL getting banned because of “quitting early”. Will this ever be fixed or is anyone getting a blanket response from 343 when submitting a ticket about it?


You don’t mention what device you’re using, but if it’s PC, this may be of interest:

There are a few threads on here on PC and Xbox Series X crashes, some of which have suggestions that may help mitigate the issue.

Thanks. I don’t use Twitter and didn’t see that post. I play on PC and have already gone through what others were trying to do to fix their games before the update. It doesn’t matter what I do as the game will still crash within the first game I play. Everything is on low/off in the Graphics menu and I uninstalled the HD texture pack around the time the game launched (and because the game always looked like crap to me, there is no difference that I can see when it’s installed anyways).

I guess I’ll just have to wait to see if this update will fix it. Never had an issue with crashing until the last update

I’m having the same issues on my Xbox series x and I have tried all the troubleshooting‘s including power cycling the Xbox and resetting it to factory by deleting everything, clearing the games memory, trying a different account which worked for a little bit but then the crashes came back consistently. Tried hooking my Xbox series X to my TV rather than my monitor and the same issues occurred. It just crashes once and the after that it’s just consistently happening over and over.

When’s the next update for halo infinite?

Tried everything said for the series X and still having the same issues.

Your experience is why I think it’s bogus when they want to know what platform you’re playing on. I play on PC and you’re on the new Xbox system and we’re BOTH experiencing the same thing.

And 343 thinks it’s smart to still implement the “ban” system. Most likely because it’s “Halo” and nothing else. Crazy why they’d think it’s a good idea to keep it when the game crashes for EVERYONE and we’ll still get banned because of it.

Exactly and for rank you’re already losing msr for quiting/crashing why ban us as well?

Turns out they didn’t fix this at all. After 3 games my game, once again, closed mid-game during ranked solo. At least it’s back to the 2-3 games instead of the first one, I guess. This is ridiculous.

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Series X here. GF has a Series S and it crashed about 4 times on about 5 minutes into the game. No issues on the Series X and was checking on the OG Xbox which surprisingly didn’t crash at all either.

Game crashed once again in the middle of a game. Uninstalling once again and awaiting another blanket response to this ticket like I got with my previous ticket ABOUT THE SAME DAMN ISSUE. And this was before the “update” that “corrected” the issue.

At this point, maybe I should invest my time in Battlefield 2042. I’m sure that game won’t crash me like this one does.