Game Starting Animation

What would be really awesome to see in halo 5 is the starting of the games. Instead of it being only showing parts of the map then showing your team, i think 343 should keep the showing the map part but instead of you seeing your team’s spartan, it should be your spartan in first person cocking your primary weapon while still in first person, while the announcer counts down for 5 or 10 in a really low and serious voice to get the players pumped up for the battle. That would be a great addition to the game that could make the player get excited and pumped to play the match. The only thing is i do not think they should keep the ending whenever a team wins a match, but i don’t know what 343 could change for that.

yeah or you get dropped in on orbital drop pods like ODST. each map should be different

Yea, that would be awesome!