Game Sounds/Music

This was one of the things that worried me the most about Halo 4, since Marty O’Donnell is sticking with bungie, but from the clips shown at the panel i think it isnt something to worry about anymore…

the in game sounds they showed us sounded pretty cool and the fact that the composer (i forgot his name, lol) said his team traveled and went into risky areas to get very unique and cool sounds for the game it shows they are dedicated and really striving for the best experience possible

also if the music in the concept art “trailer” is any indication of the music in halo 4 then i will be happy- it did sound alot more sci-fi, but i think sets a good mood for the halo universe… then along with the concept art really it really gave the impression of that “unexplored space frontier” feel to the game which i think is the right direction to be going in