Game should of been delayed another year

God I hope they add more to the multiplayer on the 8th. My hype finally died down and I’m realizing how little they gave us and how much they want our money. I didn’t lose hope for the game yet but we’ll see in a couple of weeks… I get it’s a “beta”

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I don’t know how anything that you have seen would indicate that the game should have been in development for another year. Functionally the game works better than any release at launch in recent memory, not to mention several items (like the XP or BP system) probably wouldn’t have been solved till the community got their hands on it and got feedback in.

If you’re talking content wise (i.e. maps and modes) I’d wait till December 8th before I made that call.


It was literally complained about 6 months ago in the first flight. They did nothing to fix the system nor add a career progression system that everyone wanted.

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Halo Infinitely Needing Work

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They literally sold us all a battlepass that we can’t even progress in and on top of that there’s no base rank. You can’t even enjoy the only ranked playlist because it’s full of objective games that people don’t even follow. There’s no service record to view your stats. They should of followed a similar formula that they had going on the MCC.

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Personally I think it should have, had that opinion since I heard how many systems it was launching for. With the supply of newer consoles being as low as they were, yeah.

It’s not the most Capitalist friendly way to go about it, as it keeps contractors and employees working an extra year without the added funding coming in, but the game is free on GamePass so I am sure there is a way for MS to cut them a life line in that regard. Spend the added time creating more content that could be implemented into an Ad campaign to generate hype and have a massive release when you know you can cut out the last gen, and release a wicked bundle set with the SX and throw in the next 5 seasons or whatever. People will buy it.

I get that this is the Anniversary and all, but it really hasn’t felt like the hype has been worth using the anniversary as a release date. I have barely seen any ads for it besides the dashboard or on GamePass, the game is out in less than a month. The negativity surrounding the BP and people not understanding the limitations of all the hardware it was released on seem to be more prevalent than the ad campaign. Of course that might be because I was a lapsed fan, and I don’t follow the product as much as I used to.

They should have delayed it a year just to ensure Forge and Co-Op would be around at launch day, but after seeing the absolute lack of polish outside of Matchmaking and the Graphics, this game is a mess! 343 do yourself a favor and delay this game again, keep it in beta until you have a suitable launch product.

Yea I am honestly really pissed about the forge being at least 6 months away. Like social and ranked is only a small portion of what people play. The large majority used to play custom games.

Not sure how you can say this with all the posts and complaints about the game crashing. When a game is literally unplayable for people after multiple betas it is not a smooth release. Unless this is an old build and those issues have been resolved, it probably won’t get fixed by the time “official” release comes around. I would love to be wrong so that my friends and I can actually play the game, but I have my doubts.

From what I have seen it has been older gen cards, original xbox one, and 3000 series cards. The 3000 series cards were built like -Yoink!- and are -Yoink!- horrendous. The older gen cards and original xbox one make sense. They never should have continued development on the OG xbox one when it got delayed a year.