Game Randomly Crashing?

Is this happening to anyone else since the reset?

All three days this week I’ve experienced crashes as the game starts / while loading in the lobby.
Every time the screen crashes, not fatal errors or any information. Simply closes.

Then I’m banned for the next X period. Since I’ve hit an hour here I am making this post.


Yes, but not as frequent as you described. As a Reach only player, it happens to me when the AA selection is on screen. I’ll hear the announcer say whatever the game type is, and then it freezes and it won’t let me choose an ability. Shortly after it will close, and I’ll come back to a totally justified ban /s.

Series X player.

Interesting that you’re seeing it on Xbox, I assumed it was PC related. Thanks for the info. Same timing for me.

the only time the game has crashed for me has been during the halo 3 Halo cutscene. and that’s only been once in a blue moon kind of thing. (i have played the mission quite a bit since the last update, though, and it’s happened several times).

there’s also times where my entire xbox crashes. although i haven’t seen a pattern with that

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Yes I still get that ERROR with no help why!

Yeah same here. Not really that frequent but so far I can’t remember any game that crashed the Xbox. They broke something and the overall performance decreased after they added a ton of useless crap in form of cosmetics…


MCC has definitely been crashing more frequently on both console and PC.


I had two crashes last night, the game closed but with no kind of error message, coincidentally both happened on Swat, after I got my first kill and was attempting to get a second kill (one game was on H2C, the other on H2A). That coupled with a network crash earlier and I had three quit bans within an hour or so, so I was put out of commission for the rest of the night…


Each day I get on MCC, I basically play until I get my third crash (30 minute ban). Some days that means I’m only on for an hour or so (of which 20 minutes is waiting out the first two bans from the first two crashes). Other nights I make it a few hours.


This is especially problematic in H2A


Just had 2 crashes and 2 bans. MCC PC Just after entering a multiplayer, 1 was CE, 1 was h2 or Reach I can’t remember which.


I did a ticket earlier as kept crashing when I was trying to play H2 campaign :face_with_raised_eyebrow: hopefully they fix whatever they broke soon

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Yup crashes (halo3) for me on series X, I’ve had it crash on pc as well although nowhere near as bad as on console.

Happened to me 3 times today, it’s becoming more frequent

The game keeps crashing for me. Just randomly exits out, then I receive a ban. Yesterday I had an hour ban, today im already at 30 minutes. This is killing gameplay.

Started crashing a lot for me also recently. It might have to do with the December 1st update. It just exits without an error message when entering a game, as described above.

Game is skill crashing, any updates?

Well, I can confirm that H2A still crashes. I’ve just played an hour and a half of Halo 4 and 3 and those games don’t crash. This was one of those situations where the game starts and everyone on my screen is in that respawn stage where the countdown doesn’t progress past 0 while the game is occurring.

Edit: I play on Steam in case that was relevant (probably not but might as well mention it). It’s not console/PC dependent is it?

I am getting new fatal error crashes on startup. Nothing changed for me on my end. Reinstalled, sfc, clean drivers, all updates, C++ redist. Nada.

Windows 11 22H2, Nvidia GPU