Game options on Multiplayer are limited

Not sure what to think here. I see 3 options for multiplayer:

Quick Play
Big Team Battle
Ranked Arena

The problem is that none of them offer specific battle types unless you try to do a custom game. But with custom games you have to invite players which may or may not be available to play. Why can’t somebody simply create a custom game that other players can randomly join or even quickplay? Or why can’t a gamer simply choose the game with an open lobby that has the mode of their choice? Some of the modes are not enjoyable enough to stay. So I usually quit, thus abandoning my teammates to their doom. Pretty lame but I am here to have fun not support other gamers.

Capture the Flag: I think Flag capturing is SUPER lame. Not fun in my opinion. You get one person that is a noob and its almost a guaranteed loss.

OddBall: This is a fun mode but the same problem exists if you have a noob player or two.

Strongholds: Sort of fun, but noobs kill the fun again.

Slayer: Most ideal mode. Lots of fun and even if noobs are there, you still have a chance to win.

Slayer with Random Weapons (like Fiesta event): FAVORITE MODE. LOVE this mode but not available to play? Why have the most fun modes only available during events?