Game not saving armor and Loadout Preferences

Many of my friends and I have noticed that the game hasn’t been saving our armor and loadout preferences. Most of the time, when I start up the game I have to go and actively reset these areas so that I can actually play the game. Too often I’ve just jumped right into a game and realized that my loadouts had reset to default and I had no armor powers or ordinance. It would be nice to see this fixed. I don’t know how many others have had this issue.

for me the weapons save but the armour abilities and support upgrades randomly vanish

Same here. It’s very frustrating. All of my friends have the same problem as well

Try using cloud saved games when you start up the game. You will have to re-do your classes, but as long as you choose cloud every time, you will be fine.

Same… it’s been good and bad for the last THREE WEEKS… that is so long to still be talking about this problem. I’m almost to the point that I don’t even notice it sometimes. I’m getting used to playing a crap game.

Same issue. no loadouts today :frowning:

Im having the same issue. Hopefully they fix it soon.