Game not downloading

Alright so I actually had more than one problem with this other than the downloading part. This is on PC of course. After the recent patch and the grunt leader was added, I have been unable to play the game at all. I would click play and it would open the window for it. After a random amount of time, 10 seconds to five minutes, it would close. No error message or anything, it would just close the window as if I clicked the exit button. So after a while of trying to find a solution to this I decided I’d try my luck with uninstalling it and reinstalling it. And this now brings me to my current predicament. I’ve been trying to download for two days now, and every time I’d check back the download had seemingly restarted itself after completion. I don’t have the best internet connection so I’d let it download over night. This morning I checked again and it was back at 2.2 gigs instead of the 24 I was expecting to see. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know a fix? As an added detail I bought the “Ultimate Edition” of the game. As of now I’ve stopped trying to download the main game and I am now attempting to download the Deluxe Edition. Oddly enough it is forcing me to download Halo Wars 1 with the Deluxe Edition. I really don’t want to download it at the same time due to internet constraints. However I will post if this actually downloads the full game and enables me to play it or not.