Game modes and playlists request

Hi all,
please correct me, if it’s the wrong section.

I’ll make it clear. I’ve loved every Halo game multiplayer(I know, it’s addicting. I can’t even take care of my other hobbies for some months since the release), each one with its distinctive traits. I find Halo 5 to be the most exciting though, I find it simply perfect.
But it’s missing some more casual features.
Even if I’m “good” enough to survive Diamond, Onyx playlists, ecc, I’d just like more relaxing and funny playlists.

A) I’d just like to know if and when it will be possible to play some classic game modes within the FFA playlist.
For example Oddball, Juggernaut, KOTH and even something new (like, created by the community: only melee and swords with increased power for ground pounds; grifball; ecc). I love FFA, but I find they’re missing as they’ve always been part of Halo and it’s sad not to have them since all the new movement features would make them even funnier.
It would be equally sad just to have them for a week-end and then wait for some months to see them again.

B) I absolutely loved the “2 vs 2… vs 2 vs 2 vs 2!” playlist in Halo: reach!

This week-end Double was fun, ok. But what about a stable playlist of 10 people destroying themselves in groups of 2?!
It’s the pleasure of FFA, but played with your best buddy.
And now we have Gungooses back! Gungoose and Rocket launchers races, please!

I LOVE 343i’s work with this Halo: it’s absolutely perfect, but I’d still love to see those playlists and game modes, now that I have all this freedom to move!

Doubles all day, just vote for it again for this coming weekend again to show your support!

I agree about Multiteam. But we need bigger maps for it, so it should wait for DLC.

And gametypes… we NEED Oddball, Infection, Ricochet and Griffball (the last two can just be Assault variants). Strongholds is similar to KoTH so we can skip it for now (we’ll see, maybe Forging Strongholds maps can make them more like KoTH, maybe we can still make Race maps). Juggernaught would be great too, I think it’ll fit in greatly with the new mechanics. Perhaps have the Juggernaught unable to Clamber and Sprint so he’ll have less mobility.

I agree, multi team has always been one of my favorite playlist and it doesn’t have that ranked feeling. Plus it sucks loosing rank in playlists when your team is bad/drops out. Don’t get me wrong it’s one of the best ranking systems I’ve seen in a game but something casual other than war zone would be appreciated.

INFECTION/GRIFBALL or any other awesome halo 3/reach awesomely hilarious custom game.

Wait, wait, guys.

I like griffball, infection, ricochet, ecc, but point A) is about different game modes in the Free For All playlist.

Maverick hit the point: you’re on your own, no depending on teams, plus having 8 people shooting each other for a (odd)ball is hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:
Oddball FFA has probably been my favourite game mode since the beginning: the chaos of FFA, but without camping, running for power weapons, just destroy everything to get that preciousssss skull.

Fun game modes aren’t competitive enough for arena so they won’t be included. 343i are only catering to the esports scene and forgetting about the other 99% of players who bought the game and paid their wages.

Well, I don’t see it in that drastic way.

Halo 5 itself, as you can see it now, is the product of listening to every kind of player.
They have plenty of time to smooth and define it better, and Big Team Battle is a demonstration of that.

I personally admire this working attitude, you can’t find it very often as a consumer.

im sure doubles will be here to stay in a short time and i would say we will see a Living dead playlist (hype)

If you want fun and crazy games with no real competitive pressure, then I can only recommend the GREATEST HALO PLAYLIST OF ALL TIME!

Action Sack. The name says it all.

doubles, actionsack, multiteam, ctf as its own playlist. lonewolf and mic check searches: I miss good lobby ui