Game modes and being duped

I am done with this useless game!! You spawn and shoot someone in the head with the nerf version of a sniper rifle and they shoot you with a rocket launcher of a pistol and I die!! The game balance is nonexistent!

343 patches the game to fix BTB but still can’t get in, and even if you manage to somehow get in you play stupid CTF which blows in this game because of the flying vehicles being bullet sponges so you instantly die!

You play match after match and get zero XP! They even destroyed my favorite game mode, SWAT, which is now tactical slayer because society is offended by everything now, and the only map that loads is the useless desert map where people shoot you the second you spawn!!! I HATE HALO NOW!!!

Big thing that happens a lot is punching another player and I die from my hit, and I lose 100 points for a suicide! Why? How??

I have played halo since day one, it’s now more call of duty which I hate for all the same reasons!