Game Mode Warzone In New Halo ?

One more question there will be Warzone and BTB in the new Halo Thanks 343 It would be great to see BTB
There will be gold weapon upgrades for the sniper that would be great or diamonds also exclusive emblems like in Halo 5 343 Best
Pack Sniper Gold :heart:

BTB will probably get in, that has been in every FPS Halo excluding ODST, but I really hope Warzone gets in! I think it would be best to remove the req packs, and instead implement some point system like Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

A long running rumor, that in my opinion has gained credibility over the last 1-2 months, is that Halo Infinite as a product is a sequel to the MCC more than H5. I think that essentially guarantees BTB will be in.

I have no idea if Warzone will be in the game as we know it from H5. The rumors about a large scale hybrid of a BR and Warzone sound intriguing though.

I think BTB is its own thing and it will be in for sure. As for Warzone…i just dont see them having a Warzone mode outside of a FF type style with BR coming into play and all signs are pointing towards BR mode in Halo.

BTB will definitely be in Infinite I think. Warzone? I have serious doubts.

Hopefully it’s like halo 5 btb or Halo 4 that’s good I enjoy playing those modes and warzone

I really hope Halo Infinite has Warzone that’s all I play on halo 5 gaudians like that there is covenant and promethians in it feels more like halo if it’s not in at launch I’ll be sad I’m always going to buy a halo game no matter what because it’s halo but if a lot of the fans and community want Warzone hopefully 343 industries listen and understands they can put it in post launch in 2 years after release we got to get enough feedback we got to make post to 343 industries!!:smiley: I like it to be twice has big the maps and the player count!!

Warzone was definitely unique. But I doubt it would be the same if it returned since I don’t believe the requisition system is returning due to the mixed (to negative) reception it got. I commend 343 for experimenting with new concepts though. Due to my own mixed feelings towards Warzone, I wouldn’t mind it returning but I wouldn’t miss it if it doesn’t.