Game mode specific challenges

I have two oddball challenges… I don’t feel like getting banned or having to queue quick play for 3 hours to get this game mode. I’m in my 30s, have a job, have a toddler, and would rather not use challenge swaps on something that should be fairly simple to complete. Come on man…


Mode and Weapon specific challenges are both net negatives to the game, IMO. They funnel players into engaging with the game in particular ways that often don’t work towards creating the most fun experience for themselves and other players.

Oddball isn’t the easiest mode to access, period. Having specific challenges based on getting carrier kills or (even worse) getting kills as a carrier is naturally very frustrating.

The nebulous challenge overhaul needs to happen as soon as possible, and for best results it should do away with all these specific challenges.

I concede that it may be difficult to come up with a large weekly challenge deck with more generic challenges, but it’ll make a world of difference in how much fun the matchmaking is IMO.

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They want us to buy challenge swaps. I think they’re overpriced; I don’t even want to support this mechanic. Just put nice stuff in the shop, it’s not that hard.

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One of my challenges this week was to complete 2 strongholds matches. Took me 2 and a half days and 3 bans. Was the last challenge i completed. Either game mode specific challenges need to go or we need a way of selecting these specific game modes