Game mode specific challenges should never be combined with "random" being the only mode selection

While not being able to select game mode is a problem on its own, it is incredibly problematic when combined with the main BP progression being from challenges that can be mode specific. If I need to win 3 matches of stronghold to progress, I should have a way to play stronghold, instead of getting mostly other game modes.

This is above and beyond the questionable challenge implementation, which doesn’t seem to reward team play or playing the objective the majority of the time.

Challenge specificity needs to be minimized (eg “play quickplay games” is better than "play stronghold games "is better than “win stronghold games”) and challenges need to be targetable and achievable. Otherwise, it incentivizes players to leave games (potentially facing the automated ban system) to get what they need.

(Edited to reduce salt of feedback)

It does make it a pain to finish them. The last four of my weekly challenges are CTF. One of them being win 3. Of the last 24 games I have played only 4 have been CTF.

This is by far my biggest complaint with the progression. I have 2 CTF challenges. One requires 10 flag captures, which is a minimum of 4 CTF matches if I capture almost every flag in every game. In over 30 quickplay matches, I got CTF twice total, and one was my last played match. So that’s over 30 with 1 CTF match before that second one there. In those 2 matches, I made 0 progress towards the challenges because my team either captured the flags without me, or sucked so bad we couldn’t get the flag. So after 30-35 matches, I made 0 progress towards my challenges. If I could just choose the gamemode, I’d be done by now.

Agreed. My biggest new issue now since the hot fix is its random if i can even attempt a challenge. I dont mind if it takes me 3 attempts to “win oddball pvp” butbid like to be able to select “play oddball” so inknow every match is oddball. Just bring in mccs serach options and it will be perfect