Game Mode:Mix Invasion and Battlefields Operations

So i just watched Hidden Xperia’s Video about possible game modes for Halo Infinite.
He tlked about Reach’s invasion game mode and hw an expanded version of that would be great for Inifite.
the expanded and new version of this would have bigger maps, playable elites and Brutes and like 70 vs 70 player kind of thing.
He then talks about Battlefield operations or conquest, wich are game modes where one team captures strategic poibts and the other one has to defent them. If the attaking team manages to capture all od them they then go on to the next sector until the whole map is vaptured . If the whole map is captured they then moove to another one. It is quite fun since there is a vool narrative behind it.
So you could have a team of Swords of shangelios and humans againsta team of Banished Holding up to a strategic part of the ring, a battle wivh could bve briefly talked about n the main stroryline . So you have the First team attacking a banished stronghold and the other team defending it . Each team being able to put defences, sapwn I.A minins , Armored vehivules and so on .
That would be something quite fun to play and would have good things from Halo Reavh, Halo 4 And even Halo 5 warzone but in a larger scale.
What would you think about something like that ?

I rather have like conquest captures but not capture the first one and move to the next I like to have a mode like 50 vs 50 or little bit small on big maps every vehicle from past halos kind of like battlefield goes!’