Game mode idea: Spider snipers

A simple custom game mode idea would require a more open map like behemoth, everyone has a sniper rifle and a grapple hook that is it. Infinite ammo and charges. HAve fun.


That would be insanely fun but 343 doesn’t like fun.

You can’t even make this game mode in the custom game settings.

The joke is that their UI won’t let them, which is a weird problem to have in a game that’s designed to change.


I like it a lot 20 characters lol

I mean they made attrition which is a fun mode so something like this will come eventually.

hopefully 20 characters

Tried attrition once. Horrible mode

What do you mean it was freaking fun, slower pace then normal halo, and has you thinking about your movement and enemy locations.

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Just get the halo 3 and reach and idk if they will pick the halo 5 ones. To make game modes that are fun I mean the forge people they could add fun game modes. Like f@t kid oh can’t say that so added @ where a would be. Or duck hunt. I mean castle wars is fun for me. Just add invasion spire 24/7 that could be good. Just add forge that will save the game, but it would be broken. Where is infection or firefight. Just copy paste stuff from MCC that would be scummy and lazy but got to do what you got to do. Just add something fun to the game.