game mode for spartan companies in infinite

Do you think that spartan companies should be in infinite and that they should have a game mode for you to play with your fellows spartans ?
A game mode where you can only play with your company and wich would be cooperative.
In this game mode you would be in the Halo ring and should haunt/ fight against bosses / Recon/ help marines …
Would work like dauntless or destiny .
Playing this would give plenty of credits.

feel free to tell your own ideas

I would definitely like to see Spartan Companies make a return for Infinite. It would be cool to have a dedicated PvE mode that wasn’t Firefight, not exactly sure how that would work though. I would also like to see some sort of PvP mode for S. Companies return as well.

I always thought it would be really cool if there was a system that would pair spartan companies up against one another in a unique game mode experience. Example- large scale battle similiar to that of warzone

I’m fairly positive Spartan Companies will be a part of Infinite but probably on the same level it was with Halo 5.

you mean you want a Company Raid?

Thats what I take from your request which seems more like it be something like Spartan Ops 3-Mission Campaigns that grant exp for In-game Companies and the more each Company does the better the ranking/added benefits.

Seems alright

i hope that they keep the spartan companies for Infinite. and love the idea of a spartan company playlist

Cooperative mode sounds good to me, I would also like that companies would be matched more with other companies in multiplayer to have more organized groups face each other while randoms get matched more likelybwith randoms.

Though I think that each mode should yeld moderate amount of XP (+/or whatever Infinite will have) instead of some modes yelding noticeably higher rates.

I don’t mind Spartan Companies but only as long as there are no annoying ‘grind-fest’ exclusive to them since I want to earn my armour instead of wasting endless hours on an armour on a company that may not even earn it or be kicked just for ‘favouritism’ of another player.

Destiny style raids in Halo would be the best thing ever. It would provide a PvE endgame beyond beating the campaign on Legendary or LASO. I am 100% in favour of this idea. Firefight is fun and all, but raids could be used to expand the story.

Considering the popularity and sucess of the small gameplay mechanic, I’m sure 343 will keep it going to some extent.