Game mode concept: Infinite warzone

Armory unlocks

All weapons unlocked are given directly to the player, unless the unlock is for a pad. depending on the map some might have things like power weapon pads, that are not mentioned here. Similar spawns are done at other buildings for vehicles.

DEFAULT armory

these are the weapons open to players in the command center and light armoy of a barracks.

Battle rifle
cost: 1 supply

cost: 1 supply

ammo refill [type]
cost: 1 supply for 6 charges
(one person needs to do this to fill ammo boxes in areas they control.)

drop wall
costs: 1 supply

threat sensor
costs: 2 supply

cost: 2 supply

plasma carbine
cost: 2 supply

Barracks armory

includes above plus

Grenade spawn pads
costs: 4 supply, activates grenade spawn pads on areas your team controls

weapon spawn pads
costs: 6 supply, activates 4 random weapon spawn pads in the barracks, these can be anything except power weapons.

gear spawn pads
costs: activates spawn pads in the barracks for thruster packs and grapple hooks 2 spawn pads for each.

Power weapon upgrade
cost: 7 supply unlocks power weapons

power weapons

Sniper rifle
cost: 5 supply

cost: 5 supply

cost: 7 supply

cost: 7 supply

Hope a bump is ok, as I almost reposted this idea with out thinking.

I’m very disappointed that Warzone and Fire Fight weren’t included. The only thing XP is good for is cosmetics. I’d like to see it like Guardians was. Being able to pull out weapons and vehicles of our own choice, not running around trying to pick up a weapon that everyone is fighting to get to first. It seems that 343 just catered to ranked and competitive players and all the others that don’t want to play ranked got kicked to the curb.