Game mode concept: Infinite warzone

Ok this is a concept for a BTB style 12v12 game, where both teams fight along side UNSC, sanghelli,and ODST NPCs.


Lore: a simulated battle where 3 spartan fire times fight along side UNSC and sanghelii personel to take objectives and counter the enemy. this is an all out war training exercise. In this battle the teams must protect their firebase while trying to capture 3 Points of interest, and doing side objectives like hacking sentinels or blowing up a hostile tank. The first team to 5000 points wins.

note: this is a successor to firefight warzone.

Gameplay: the matches start with players spawning at a large fire base similar to those seen in halo wars, EAch base has 5 buildings, the barracks which spawns your UNSC allies, the depot where you can order vehicles, the command center, a darter landing pad, and a pelican drop pad. allong with 2-4 defense automatic turrets depending on the map.

the objective is to get to 5000 points via any way or destroy the enemies firebase.

this game is inspired by CnC renegades MP mode.

building info

gameplay: by default keeps 12 UNSC soldiers, and 4 ODST’s on the field at all time, these soldiers will try to push through to take the enemy base or do side objectives. Players can use supplies to spawn more.

bonus: in the barracks spartans can use supplies (earned at a set rate.) to buy weapons and variants, as well as spawn different infantry allies, be it a group of sanghelli mercs, or a hunter pair.

Destroyed: once destroyed, it will only keep the UNSC soldiers on the field removing a teams ODST support is ablity to summon allies is also removed.

gameplay: A large storage building, here you can order light vehicles like hogs and mongooses. this building also is responsable for keeping your supply at max. One can also buy bombs here which can be placed in enemy buildings to instantly destroy them (after a 10 second timer.)

destroyed: max supply lowered from 10 to 7 (each item costs 1-10 supply see supply at the lower part)

Darter landing pad
gameplay: every 30 seconds a darter will land granting all players 1 supply. some maps have 2 darter pads some have one. warning darter will crush spartans so do not stand on pad.

destroyed: produces 1 supply every 45 seconds.

Pelican pad
gameplay: used to call in the heavy vehicles like wasps, tanks, wraiths, and heavy allies like spec ops sanghelli.

destroyed: the only building that is 100% shut down if destroyed.

Command center
gameplay: where players spawn, the only building that can not be destroyed as it is shielded. Though once al support buildings are destroyed its shields go down and a bomb can be used to destroy it. (a win condition but not the win condition.)

function: player spawn, can also spend 5 supply points to repair other buildings.

Supply points

info: players can hold a max of 10-7 supply points these are used to buy weapons, allies, vehicles, and reinforce the main objectives of the map.

Example a BR and commando would cost 2-3 supply points, a tank would cost 7, reinforcing a cap point with turrets would cost 5, and repairing destroyed buildings / auto turrets would cost 5.



  1. cap the 3 points of interest, each one generates 100 points every 30 seconds. reinforcing it adds auto guns one way shields, and weapon spawns alos increasing points to 150 every 30 seconds.

  2. use depot bombs to blow up “banished” supplies, these have hostile AI’s around them. this gives 250 points.

  3. Kill boss, we all know this one.

  4. destroy enemy team base parts each one grants 250 points, destroying the command center with a bomb auto grants 5,000

5.Kill enemy spartans, each kill gives 10 points.

  1. kill enemy grunts, each soldier grants 1 point while elite soldiers like hunters or an AI hog grant 10 points.

Anyone have opinions on this? sorry for the bump feel like it sort of just got swept on by.

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I really like everything I have read, but for my part I think I would approach it as an extreme PVE mode where the NPCs have the power and strength to be able to do all that damage to the buildings.


Good concept, terrible name. Warzone is completely associated with Call of Dooty now, so we’d be better off with something else. Infinite Firefight? Infinite Battlezone?


I agree. that is where NPC vehicles, and heavy infantry like hunters come in. if you don’t deal with them they can take your team down to the HQ.

though it still requires players to take that out.


Could always call it something like “Front line?”

EDIT; wish I could reply to two posts with out having to make multiple replies.

Going to reply hopefully to bump this thread. I would love to see a PVPVE mode return in Infinite, like it’s own rendition of Warzone. Even a return of Warzone Firefight would be fun assuming there’s a good variety of enemies to take down. The idea of the firebase is pretty unique too and could be a very fun mode.

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Apart of me believes that Forge is going to be so great that in theory the game mode can be replicated through forging. Everything from scripting timed walls and buildings, areas to load and deload to navpoints for AI and if included in Forge the AI bosses faced in Campaign.


One can hope, I mean Bungie teased forge NPCs back in halo 3 but they never became a thing.

i do miss warzone from halo 5 but BTB is enough for me, i do hope for Firefight with bots tho.

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BTB with bots could be fun as well.

not spartan bots. maybe a mode call attack defend or some better name where you have AI grunts (literally ungoy) spawning from both teams bases adding a new layer of strategy as they follow nearby spartans allowing for a good amount of firepower to support.

You can! You just have to highlight text from each post and click the quote option to include quotes from their post in your reply. Having quotes from multiple posts counts as a reply to each of them.

And now I feel like a complete idiot, thank you.

You’re welcome! It’s not made obvious if you don’t happen to try highlighting the text in someone’s post.

I would definitely be down for a rerelease of warzone. Given that halo infinite is going to be a 10 year launch platform there’s a good chance we see it down the road if public support stays up.

Wonder if I should expand on the idea by giving barracks infantry summons… hmm yeah might as well.

Barracks infantry concepts.

Note: NPCs do not drop their weapons in this mode unless the weapon has been given to them by the player.

light summons

Grunt demo squad
info: 4x suicide grunts. Don’t worry they are just a simulation.
cost: 2 supply
use: one off high damage to anything they run at. good in mass.

variable soldier
info: a single UNSC grunt with a pistol, can be armed by the players.
cost: 1 supply.

Spare marines
info: summons 2x marines with ARs
cost: 2 supply points
use: quickly increase soldiers on the field at the cost of some supply.

Hydra marine
info: a basic anti vehicle marine
cost: 2x supply

sanghelli mercs
info: 2x sanghelli with plasma carbines
cost: 2 supply

medium summons

ODST Commandos
info: 3x ODST’s with comando rifles, throw grenades at tanks and buildings.
costs: 3x supply points

variable ODST
info: an ODST that spawns with a sidekick, can be armed by players
costs: 2 supply points

ODST snipers
info: 1x ODST sniper
costs: 3x supply points

UNSC demolitions
info: a single soldier with a rocket launcher
costs: 3x supply points

Sanghelli spec ops
info: 2x elites with stalker rifles and cloaking
costs: 4x supply points

Heavy infantry

Hunter pair
info: a pair of hunters, the highest quality anti vehicle and building infantry
cost: 6 supply

Skirmisher sniper
info: a skirmisher with cloak and a UNSC sniper
cost: 6 supply

spartan IV
info: an NPC spartan random weapons, can be player armed.
cost: 6 supply

Cyclops trooper
info: a soldier in a UNSC cyclops modified for combat armed with a 20mm chaingun.
cost: 7 supply

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I actually really like this!

The more I play BTB the more I Want a mode like this.

hmm wonder if I should go and do the vehicle armory and costs for that in the idea? I might be putting to much detail in this.

I like it very much. would love to see it or something similar implemented.