Game looking washed out on Xbox Series X

Hello all,

I recently upgraded to an Xbox Series X from an Xbox One X, and I’m noticing the game seems to be a little washed out, blacks are too bright, for example. I have a Samsung TU7050 and I didn’t change any Settings coming from my One X to Series X. No other game is having this issue.

Under video options as well, there doesn’t seem to be a Gamma option, only HDR calibration and field of view settings.

Is this a known issue with the game on Xbox Series X? It’s not horrible, mind you, but the black level is definitely off.


Having same problem here, thought it was a problem with my TV or my HDMI cable
I have a Samsung NU7100 (4K UHD) and while most games will appear completely dark some like the MCC appear washed despite calibrating the Colors and HDR settings


There is a difference between Series X and 1X regarding the hdr settings in Halo MCC.
On 1X, decreasing the contrast setting darkens the picture, resulting in better blacks, but also seems to dim peak brightness.
On Series X, increasing the contrast darkens the image, but does not seem to impact peak brightness, which is an improvement.
On my set up, im using HDR brightness at 1000, paper white at 1.0 and contrast at 8.5.
The above may not work for you due to differing TV models, but it looks great to my eyes and blacks are inky black when required.


Thanks, i will give it a try

Thank you, I’ll give this a try as well!

I actually fired up my Xbox One X today and double checked and I noted what you said re: the Contrast. The game does not store different setting profiles between consoles though, so it does change for both of them when you adjust it.

Fired up MCC for the first time in a while, and felt the hdr picture was too dark and contrasty (i had paper white at 1.0 and contrast at 8.5, the results of which i was happy with)

I switched back to default (paper white 0.5, contrast 5.0) and i thought it looked excellent across all games in the collection, where previously i thought defaults looked washed out. Halo 2 campaign in classic mode looks significantly better, with great contrast and inky blacks.

Those who found hdr washed out might want to revisit and try the default output.
NOTE: This was tested on a Series X. Xbox one S and XB1X may differ.

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I did some tinkering myself recently, and I’ve always left Paper White at 0.5, had my Contrast at 7.0 on Xbox Series X and the default 5.0 on Xbox One X. HDR Brightness I reduced to 800.

What is your HDR Brightness set to? the default 1000?

I have hdr brightness set to 1000, my tv is a fald lcd capable of 1300 nits.
If you have an OLED, then 800 would probably be perfect, especially if using hgig.

Halo 1 and 2 in classic graphics mode look perfect to my eyes using default settings, the anniversary visuals look brighter, but i think that’s intended and still makes for a pleasing image.

The only game i have an issue with is ODST; i feel the city streets at night are too bright, thus upping contrast may be preferable, but i honestly can’t remember how dark it was originally on the 360 version, so maybe it’s accurate?

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So I decided to hook up my 360 to a calibrated Panasonic OLED to see how the original games looked in terms of overall brightness.

I checked Halo 3, ODST and Reach (my disc copy of Halo 4 is missing, so couldn’t check that unfortunately) using those game default brightness settings.

To get all of the above games to look as close to the originals as possible in HDR in the MCC, they all have to be set to Contrast 10, paper white 0.5.

Even with contrast set that high, H3, REACH and ODST are still brighter than the originals; not necessarily a bad thing as more shadow details are visible.

I’m going to assume Halo 4 will be the same, but can’t be 100% sure.

However, Halo 1+2 with classic graphics are way too dark with contrast at 10 and i feel defaults are best for those games.

Ideally we need to be able to have different HDR profiles for each game in the collection.

So, summing up: Halo 1+2 classic: use defaults,
Halo 3, (probably 4) ODST and Reach: Paper white: 0.5, Contrast: 10 to bring those games closer to the 360 output.
If you don’t use classic graphics modes in 1+2, you’re probably safe to set contrast at 10 as the remastered graphics look fine like that.

Lastly, playing the Halo games on a 360 at sub HD resolutions, at 30fps with drops really makes you appreciate how good the MCC versions are, even with the issues it has.

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Neat. I have a Samsung TU7050, which is an entry level 4K TV who’s HDR performance isn’t exactly top of the line (having said that, I have not complaint with the visuals/quality of the TV for gaming).

I did some testing myself and overall, for Xbox Series X, I find things generally look the best at an HDR Brightness of 800, Paper White of 0.5, and Contrast of 7.

For Xbox One X, I find the Contrast needs to be decreased to 5 and then everything is good.

They are all indeed brighter than the original Xbox 360 versions, but not in a bad way, and the overall visual stability/improvements is a huge leap forward overall. For the two original Xbox titles, I use Anniversary graphics as opposed to classic.

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