Game keeps crashing in 4v4 (PC)

I don’t know why, it worked fine all week, even in BTB, but I just crashed on PC to the desktop within minutes of the match in Quick Play in the last 3 matches. I restarted my PC, lowered the Video settings a bit, set resolution to 90%, set game to Realtime priority in Task Manager, enabled Killer Control Center, and all my computer vitals are perfectly fine, and my ethernet is 200 download. I still crashed in 4v4. This game is poorly optimized because my gaming PC has no issues with any other games at maxed settings and ray tracing. I have no idea why it is crashing now. Anyone else run into a similar issue?

Edit: I’m playing BTB perfectly fine still. Idk why Quick Play is crashing.

Edit 2: After 6 BTB matches it crashed while in the loading match splash screen with the big earthquake image. I didn’t have almost any crashing all week or last beta. Idk what’s up with it since 343 did that new patch. It just stalls out with music playing and says “HaloInfinite.exe has stopped responding” so I took screenshots in case I ever get a temporary ban for leaving a match when I don’t have control over these crashes