Game is UNPLAYABLE with controller aiming

Like many MANY people have already said MONTHS AGO. You screwed up aiming on controller, it feels like you’ve replaced my right thumbstick with an up/down/left/right button… In the middle of a br battle aim assist will basicly turn right off and your aim will go shooting off in a random direction… sensitivity inconsistency (retical speeds up and slows down when moving from x to y axis giving different speeds for the same level of input… I dont get it, how does a fps franchise that’s made 4 halo game, screw up the most fundamental aspect of the game… Aiming… I feel like I’m playing the first ever fps game from 1996…
So sad we’ve been waiting for a good halo game for how many years? Like 10 now? And I cant even play this more then 2 games without having extreme anxiety because I KNOW I can aim in every other halo and EVERY other shooter game, but heres infinite, saying i cant aim at s**T.


Did you play around with the max input threshold settings? I had the exact same problems in the flights until I messed with this setting - then aiming felt perfect.

There was definitely something different from the flights. However, I cannot stress enough that you spend some time to toy around with the settings as once I did that I got it feeling right for me. I maxed out the axial deadzone and dropped my sensitivity down. Decreasing the look acceleration might also help. I basically had my settings set SUPER low to start, then I’ve gradually increased things as I’ve gotten used to the game again.