Game is too blurry

please let us disable temporal anti-aliasing, it completely tanks visual clarity while moving.

I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this, its super distracting. makes an otherwise gorgeous game look like its being played at 720p.


I agree whole-heartedly. The game looks so good while standing still.

Maybe I’m blind, but I’ve never had an issue like what you’re describing. And I’m someone who gets distracted pretty easily.

I agree 100%.
I disable Anti-Aliasing in every game I play. This is one of the many reasons I don’t use consoles anymore.

[remove the brackets]

texture comparison between walking and standing still.

IF you’re playing on series x It’s not as noticeable.

Ah, I see it now. It’s not something I usually notice when I play though lol. My focus is usually on hostiles.

@Madcat124 I have only played it on PC as I don’t feel my One would do the game any justice.

for me it affects every facet of the game’s visuals. distant enemies, vehicles, props, etc.

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Dang that sucks, hopefully they’ll add some kind of fix for that. Most games let you just outright disable AA, don’t they? (I normally turn mine up to max.)

yep, though unfortunately infinite only has “low” and “high” for AA settings. I like AA, just despise TAA.

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