Game is fun...but what's the resolution?

Not a troll topic. It’s seriously blurry with jaggies everywhere. Yes, I know it’s a beta. I am not criticizing the game, I am just really curious if its at 1080p with missing effects or if it is just low resolution for now.

The pre-beta was 720p. Pretty sure the actual game is supposed to be 1080p.

720p at 60fps. They said 1080p for the final game.

It’s 720p running at 60fps.

Current at 720p 60fps

Full Game: 1080p 60fps

I noticed this too, not bashing though. Just looked better when other people played so I figured something was wrong on my end.

For me, the graphics feel less crisp compared to the pre-beta for some reason. I’m sure that’s just because I’ve been playing lots of MCC, but who knows.