Game is far worse than Halo 5

Halo 5 multi wasn’t bad per se but it was entirely forgettable and is a game I don’t ever see myself itching to play in the future.

That is a fair personal assessment and I will not contest such a belief because we all have personal tastes. I’m more of a campaign guy than multiplayer so I lean more heavily on if the single player is well done so I won’t be stepping into Halo 5 any time soon.
I do understand loot boxes are sketchy and current monetization for Infinite is also sketch but it feels odd comparing and proclaiming a game is worse over how to obtain the shiny armor.
I am not defending it mind you I will forever advocate for a hybrid of 3’s and Reach’s unlock system but like, the cosmetics don’t determine if a Halo game is worse than another so this thread is strange to me.

This is objectively a bad take, I had friends who spent 100s of dollars on the req packs and not get what they wanted, im not in favor of the current monetization but at least you know what your getting and it isn’t a loot box system, as far as gameplay Infinite is league’s above H5.

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I think req packs wasn’t a good idea. the best thing they could do was give cr point to players and let them choose what they wanna buy.


Req packs were bad but if there’s no ranking and no stat tracking or incentive for winning then it’s not pay to win. If you bought a req pack that gave you like, a bunch of hammers or rockets… You uh, had to get to the req level to use them in the first place, which was a resource pool you used - that recharged over time, so. You could go several games not even getting to req level 7.

Quite frankly, there was zero pay to win in Infinite. The matchmaking played around with absolutely zero reqs, which never appeared in ranked playlists to my knowledge and if they did, they were weapon pad pickups anybody could grab, you could only requisition in Warzone, which was a casual, social experience.


Well you have to admit the grafix are AWESOME on my Geforce RTX 2070!!

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Look up what the word objectively means

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That and the extra year of work and feedback, fine tuning the weapon sandbox, art style and graphical options, map design and establishing good bones to build from moving forward.

Free just helped players experience the new approach to classic Halo.

Breakout was fun for a week, there’s a reason it didn’t take off or stick around as the mainstay competitive mode.

Same old fiesta is as chaotic and fits well into the evolved experience. It’s a true return to form.

Would have rather seen same old Infection, same old shotty snipes, same old FFA, or same old Swat personally, but fiesta is good.

What’s “just enough pew pew” by comparison?

Monetization and customization needs work, but it’s not game breaking.

Sometimes “new new” is better when it’s a nuanced approach rather than a complete restructuring of what came before hand. Halo 4 and 5 tried to rebuild Halo into something to fit into a radically changing industry rather than reimagine it to stand out and make a splash.

It’s maintained 150,000 average players daily since last Monday. That’s down from 200,000+. 25% drop off is a healthy dip with numbers like that.

By contrast BF2042 is down from 89,000 to like 45’000. 50% drop off is startling.

There are fixes that need to be implemented, Ranked needs some huge changes to keep it relevant. Rejoining dropped matches, MMR transparency or change.

Maybe make your gripes a bit more clear? They’re pretty vague.

Really? I think breakout was the worst game type in halo ever, even worse than fiesta

Random hot take with literally no argument = utterly worthless thread.

343 found a gameplay with Halo Infinite that mimics the best of Halo and Halo 5 helped establish a okay monetization system that still allowed you to earn everything in the game outside of select req packs, “Reach and classic Helmet bundle”. I literally played Halo 5 up rank like 140 to unlock all the items through gameplay, gameplay in Halo Infinite does not hold my attention when in a Halo game there is almost zero earnable unlocks, especially with the horrible progression and annoying challenges.


Halo 5 was the first Halo where I left it with memories that weren’t exactly fond.

The REQ system I hated and prefer this BASIC format of the Battle Pass far more, albeit with changes that desperately need to be done to ease progression and a few cut backs on the monetization (universal armor coatings and visor colors need to be done, for a start, as well as filling the void they’ll leave with more worthy customizations to unlock, in my opinion). Playing almost a thousand games in Halo 5 after months and still opening REQ Packs that had NONE of what I wanted and instead the armor piece with a different design while my stockpile of Mongeese and Scout Warthogs kept going to the stratosphere, I was just sick of it.

The REQ rewards being more obviously focused to Warzone probably made it much worse for those who just wanted to do Arena or other game modes, and even with Warzone I felt the REQs created a terrible mindset of people actually being tempted to say no to getting a Scorpion or Rocket Launcher because they don’t want to waste it as soon as a team got a few points ahead, leading said winning team to roll in with their ONI or Hannibal vehicles with lessened opposition. That was my experience that made me eventually stop playing Warzone even when I started out loving it when a bunch of these problems didn’t become so apparent. Would love to see it make a return in Infinite.

Stepping away from the REQ system, while I have come to really enjoy 343’s gunplay, I wasn’t a fan of all the Spartan abilities such as Charge, Pound, Thrust, etc. And being a BTB-focused player, I absolutely hated what became of it in Guardians. The Forged-created maps were terrible - from the design to the spawn system, and it was the first time in a Halo game where I never wanted to play a BTB game ever again. Arena I didn’t find fun either, only really playing it because I was stocking up XP and REQ point bonuses for it, so a lot of my time on towards the end of my foray with 5 was Warzone Firefight.

For a more personal note, I wasn’t fond of the design or overall aesthetics of Guardians either. And as for the campaign…I don’t need to go into the campaign.

Although its having a few bumps, I absolutely love what I’ve been seeing and experiencing with Infinite. Definitely feels like a much-needed return to what I’ve come to love about Halo and even with my Weekly Challenges completed I’m still scheduling and hooking up with friends and family to play not only BTB but Arena and Fiesta too because the game is just so damn fun. Multiplayer has, overall, been great. Room for improvement and tweaks which I hope to see in the future, but the core of the game is just absolutely solid and enjoyable.

Obviously can’t judge the campaign yet, but what I’m seeing of it has at least gotten me very intrigued to try and out and see how things go on that front.

Besides Infinite’s troublesome monetization, I think it’s an enjoyable game

Are we forgetting Halo 5 had players runnin’ around Spartan Chargin’ each-other because it did more damage than actually shooting your opponent? (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

How Kids think that Halo 4 and 5 were good Games lol.


Loot boxes are loot boxes. No way to justify their existence. And if you get items in them that give you a marked advantage at all, its pay to win. Yea it was a social game, but if you paid money, you had a marked advantage. Dont try to explain it away, halo implemented pay to win in one of their game modes. It happened.

And then the next halo game that came out had pay to win too. Halo wars 2 and halo 5 both had loot boxes that gave you items with which you could win a game mode. Doesnt matter if it was a casual game. Doesnt matter if its “acceptable” because you needed to level up in game to use them. I dont care whether or not you think its acceptable. The concept they introduced was “you can pay us money and you will be more successful in this game mode because of it.” Even if others had enough req packs that they earned, they still had the option looming over them to pay money for even more. Even if someone was brand new to the game, they could pay money and immediately have the same items as someone who had been earning them for years. You think its acceptable. Thats fine. Just dont pretend like it was something else.


Wrong. This is by far the best halo since 3.

It literally wasn’t pay to win.

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Perfect rebuttal. Loot boxes that give you items with which you can win a game is a pay to win loot box.

But by all means keep defending the loot boxes.

Infinite is better than Halo 5, and Halo 5 was solid. The weapons sandbox is lacking, but the gunplay and movement are incredible.

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Fix your game ASAP already losing numbers on steam by the day

This is literally every game that launches. No video game has magically had 100% player retention in the history of ever.