Game is broken, Literally unplayable

I can’t find a single multi-player match, I found 2 like a week ago and haven’t found any since. It gets stuck on “searching for players” for 10 or more minutes 100% of the time, I even tried hard resetting and I got stuck in “joining Session” which took a painful 8 minutes to get to. These changes have done nothing and this is ridiculously absurd. All I wanted to do was play some halo. And the lack of playlist is shocking. where is Team snipers/MLG/Swat?
I am currently using a wireless connection, will wiring my Xbone to my router make any difference when it comes to finding a match?

Wireless or wired will make no difference. The problems are 343’s not your connection.

Yeah I tried hard wiring my xbox and that didn’t make a difference, still can’t find a game no matter how long i sit there waiting