Game Instablity


it would be great if 343i, especially, could chime in on this issue I’m having…

I am now frequently (note: at least daily and certainly multiple times in a session) having to quit Halo 5 from the Dashboard as it has crashed in some way or the other. This is often happening after a cold boot of the console. Sometimes, it’s before I’ve even started a game, while I’m navigating the Main Menu. Other times, I’m loading into a game, and then it freezes, then other times it’s after I’ve played one single game.

Goodness knows, checking the Stats after a game is an almost certainty to break the game.

Surely, since there have been so many updates - and years between launch - that it shouldn’t do this?

No other game I have is so completely broken, so, I know it’s not my brand new XboxOneX.

Should I just uninstall/reinstall the game? Following on from that, if I reinstall the game afterwards, will I just have more of the same unstable mess?

Kind regards,

Perplexed User

The game has freezing issues in the post game lobby. There’s nothing you can do about it besides restarting the game.

The main issue is when closing the Post Game Carnage Report… And more specifically when coming from bigger team games. It never seems to happen with 4v4 or 5v5 playlists but it happens extremely frequently with BTB and even Castle Wars CTF from what I’ve seen since it was last up.

You might give this a shot as it seemed to help with my issues. Settings, Stystem, Console info, reset, reset saving games and apps. Make sure you know your microsoft account email and password before doing it though.