Game in progress is GARBAGE

How hard is it to see that NO ONE wants to jump into a game when the “team” of people you’re joining is losing by 45 kills? Not to mention that the morons you’re playing are clearly piggybacking on an unsecured wireless network belonging to a neighbor that’s still rocking 33.6 dial up?



fo shizzle

I am constantly being put into these JiP matches where my team is being spawn killed, because I’m allied with casual players. It’s only natural that a casual player will quit. He is relaxed about the game and is not, in any way, concerned about “skill” and some ridiculous “CSR” of 40-50. He will think to himself, “What’s going on? Huh, oh well; I’ll just quit and find another match.”

I also consider myself a casual player, however quitting never crosses my mind. I even pull off positive k/d in some of these spawn-killing circumstances, delaying the inevitable defeat of my team. The only reason I’m fairly decent at the game is because I’ve been playing this series since the release of Halo: CE.

After a while, the “constant” 2v1 or 3v1 battles get aggravating and annoying, and the game no longer becomes as fun as it used to be. (KEYWORD: “constant”)

In summation, I have concluded that JiP is broken and worthless; especially when combined with CSR, and the mentality of iniquity it brings out in players, those of whom consider themselves respectable for having a high rank.

Really, if you don’t want to JiP… Then don’t! You can choose not to.