Game history None-sense


I recently wanted to look at my recent games to see how many did I win in a single day.

I played exclusively Team Doubles with my friend.

Here’s what I see :

But then I remembered that I won that game. So why am I 2nd place instead of first?

So here’s the game details :

Now that’s great! Instead of displaying that I won, it puts my position WITHIN my team ! Absolute none-sense.

There is no way to have a real overlook of a TEAM play.

I expect to see “1st place” in my first screenshot, simply because we won the game. It doesn’t matter if my friend was better than me, I don’t want to see that.

your team mate had more kills than you.

> your team mate had more kills than you.

You don’t get my point. I know why it displays “2nd”, but it’s just not logical.

It is a Team game. My team was first. Therefore I should see “1st” in the game history.

It was like that in Halo 3 and Halo Reach stats.

How else can I see which game I won or lost?

If it’s a 4v4 playlist and it says 1st-4th, then you won… Not that hard. This is how games were displayed in the Halo 2 history btw.