Game has to update on MS/Xbox store

PSA for Xbox and Game pass users, or playing off the MS store in general. The game needs to update first to open, right now you’ll just get a blue screen. I’m sure it’ll be up soon.

The infinite beta or the infinite mp download? I have both and neither will run

The MP download, unless there’s been a miscommunication.

Im waiting for the update nothing yet any one know what time at ect?

If anyone on PC wants access sooner, try the Steam version.

But there isn’t an update live?
Or is there?

I don’t see an update live yet. Also I can’t see my game in my file explorer. it’s not in my normal directory. Does anyone else has this (it is installed)

I can find it in my directory. It remains unchanged since announcement.

Update is out now! Had to reinstall on my PC to get it to update!