Game has gone gold-be careful!

Josh just announced this morning that the game has officially gone gold, we’re less than 3 weeks away!! While this is awesome news, just remember, tread lightly. There’s -Yoinks!- out there who want to spoil the game for everyone and think they’re funny. Be careful when going on YT and other outlets, we’re almost there!!!

Yeah it happens all the time after a game goes gold. Now would be the best time to go dark.

I’m not sure whether I want to see the leaks when they inevitably come or if I want to wait it out. I spoiled Halo 4 for myself, but the temptation to watch cutscenes early is so big.

I remember I spoiled myself Halo 4 but I think this time is different for me because I wasn’t able to play H4 until few weeks later. BUT NOW I got H5 pre-ordered so I absolutely don’t want to get spoiled at all. Yes, I must be totally carefull on YT and even here perhaps? those trollspoilers gonna troll.

Usually I watch leaked non spoiler footage to get a feel for the game since its straight gameplay. This time ill just check chivos since I already have a feel for the game.
…is it the 26th yet…assuming it goes live midnight est