Game has been unstable for the past 20 hours

I keep getting crashes from starting the game up, searching for games bugs out, I keep getting fire team has changed issues when I’m on my own, when I do find a game it goes to an ever ending black screen. Plus games would have no access to reqs.

Im not sure if I’m forgetting any thing cause that was a lot of issues rolled into a short period of time. I could barely get 1 game before it started happening again. It was like a buffet of problems.

I tried hard reseting ever time it wouldn’t stop happening.

I still can’t go 1 game with out a problem occurring.

There also a lot of animation missing in game rarely am I seeing grenades get thrown at all.

I recommend going wired if you are not. I play pretty much daily, and have had very few issues after I went wired.

I’m always wired

My Game crashes and lags intermittently.

I think what it is it seems that when it starts up good it stays up well but most of the time it starts up buggy and slow and just doesn’t want to work.

Though halo 5 is the only game that does it I feel it could be cause by the backwards compatibility update cause ever since that update my Xbox one has run slower and the ui lags more than it did before.

Some thing new just happened to me when I tried to select a playlist the search preferences started flickering back and forth between focused and balanced then was locked out of the playlists and I had to restart the game.