Game gone missing - Crosspost from Support forum

I have a game that seems to have gone missing. There is no record of it on the Halo 5 API nor did a game save on my Xbox One.This was the final game for me to get a rank in Weekend Arena Breakout, hence why I remember it. We won by a large margin. I had been playing with a few friends and had to stop for a while. When I got back on, this was the first game I played and was to be the final game to get my ranking. After the game finished, I was stuck in the screen saying the connection to the server couldn’t be completed/stats were not able to be viewed. I was stuck in the lobby and couldn’t back out, so I hit the dashboard button and closed Halo 5. Usually, these games show up later, but this one didn’t. I waited a few minutes for the game to show, my matches to qualify still showed 1 left, 9 down, then played a game. When this happened in the past, I was able to view the game stats after another game. This game seems to have vanished. The only trace I have of being matched against someone else is in my recent players list on the dashboard.

Here’s a link to a screenshot of the dashboard I took through the Windows 10 Xbox App:

There’s a list of players and a short description of what happened in the image. This is a screenshot of my desktop, which is a triple monitor setup. Sorry for the extra wide image.What is causing this screen/error message to appear? It seems to happen frequently. Is it an exploit by the losing team? I’m beginning to wonder how many games are not registered towards my rank and my my stats. I’m considering recording full gaming sessions to see if this happens again and have a video record of it.

This has happened to me a few times. Eventually the games showed up after a while though, maybe even after a day.

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