game freezing

I bought halo because me and my cousins like playing it together, but it seems like all mcc is doing to us now is freezing and then quitting out of the game when ever we get close to beating a lvl, were playing on legendary which makes it difficult enough, but having to replay the same lvl 8 times and re download the whole game twice is ridiculous. it happens to us on both the lvl regret and metropolis.

I have this alot, the game just hardlocks the xbox, think were all still waiting for a really good patch to fix this laughable effort of a collection.

My campaign has frozen three times on the mission “Regret” on heroic difficulty co-op for Halo 2. It froze twice during the cut scene where the High Charity reaches Halo and on the third try i skipped the cut scene beat the prophet and it froze on the final cut scene. Getting so frustrated i don’t want to do it a fourth time…